About US

Welcome! We are Chinese Undergraduate Students Association(CUSA), a registered student organization at Michigan State University.


MSU CUSA was funded in 2007 at Michigan State University. As a non-profit organization, we aim to serve and help all MSU Chinese undergraduate students.  


To represent, promote, advocate and advance the Chinese student rights, interests, and privileges in the U.S., and to increase the conversation between Chinese undergraduate community and offices on campus responsible for international student issues.


To provide information and assistance, related to academic issues, campus resources, social life, and career, to Chinese undergraduate students in Michigan State University.

为支持和满足华人学生的需求提供相应项目, 提供平台,交流与学习,培养各方面能力并一视同仁的给予帮助 

To promote the connection between Chinese undergraduate community and other student groups, and present the Chinese culture in Michigan State University campus and the wider communities.